Capacitated Facility Location Problem

The following data set is Test Bed C in Guastaroba G. and Speranza M.G. "Kernel Search for the Capacitated Facility Location Problem", Journal of Heuristics, 18(6), 877-917, 2012.

There are currently 150 data files. The format of these data files is:

|J| |I|

d1 d2 d3 … d|I|

s1 s2 s3 … s|J|

f1 f2 f3 … f|J|

c11 c12 c13 … c1|I|

c21 c22 c23 … c2|I|

… … …

c|J|1 c|J|2 c|J|3 … c|J||I|,


|J| is the number of potential facility locations;

|I| is the number of customers;

di (i=1,...,|I|) is the demand of customer i;

sj (j=1,...,|J|) is the capacity of facility j;

fj (j=1,...,|J|) is the fixed cost of opening facility j;

cji (j=1,...,|J|), (i=1,...,|I|) is the cost of supplying one unit of demand of customer i from facility j.

Instances are compressed with Winrar. To extract them you need to have Winrar installed. You can download a trial copy here.

800 (facilities) × 4400 (customers) instances: 800_4400.rar

1000 × 1000 instances: 1000_1000.rar

1000 × 4000 instances: 1000_4000.rar

1200 × 3000 instances: 1200_3000.rar

2000 × 2000 instances: 2000_2000.rar