Benchmark Instances

Routing with Profits

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  • SOP: E. Angelelli, C. Archetti, C. Filippi, M. Vindigni. A dynamic and probabilistic orientieering problem. Computers & Operations Research (to appear). Instances.

Inventory Routing

Split Delivery

  • C. Archetti, N. Bianchessi and M.G. Speranza. A column generation approach for the split delivery vehicle routing problem. Networks, 58, 241-254, 2011 Instances (on an external site) - Instances - Instances (on an external site)

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Traffic Assignment

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Other Routing Problems

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Portfolio Optimization

Knapsack Problems

  • MDKP: R. Mansini and M.G. Speranza. CORAL: An exact algorithm for the Multidimensional Knapsack Problem. Informs Journal on computing, 24, 399 - 415, 2012 Instances


  • Optimal Interval Scheduling with a Resource Constraint (OISRC): E. Angelelli, N. Bianchessi and C. Filippi. Optimal interval scheduling with a resource constraint. Computers & Operations Research, 51(2014) 268-281 Instances

Location Problems

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  • CUARP: D. Fontana, M.G. Speranza, E. Fernandez. Collaboration Uncapacitated Arc Routing problem. (currently in review) Instances

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  • CROP: C. Filippi, R. Mansini and E. Stevanato. Mixed Integer Linear Programming models for optimal crop selection. Working paper WPDEM N. 2015/6, Dipartimento di Economia e Management, Università degli Studi di Brescia, 2015 (currently in review on Computers & Operations Research) Data

  • C. Archetti, M. Bruglieri, G. Guastaroba. M.G. Speranza. The benefit of complete trip information in free-floating carsharing systems (currently under review) Instances - Detailed results